At 2:30 in the morning, who’s answering your calls? Maybe it’s a nurse on her way to administer medication to patients. Or perhaps it’s an answering machine with messages you’ll try to decipher in the morning – that is, if anyone even bothered to leave a message. Perhaps your admissions staff takes cell phones home only to be awakened from a deep sleep and thrust into a crisis situation. If you’ve gone the answering service route, odds are those taking your calls have worn many different hats throughout their shifts – from pizza orders to catalog purchases – and merely jot down callers’ contact information. Worse yet, maybe no one ever picks up the phone during nonbusiness hours.

In this field, every missed call is a missed opportunity to get someone in your door. We all know that having a live person on the other end of the line to immediately engage callers is critical. However, an in-house, around-the-clock intake process can be cost-prohibitive – and still doesn’t guarantee every call gets answered. Inevitably, 15 calls come flooding in at once; staff gets pulled away for a meeting; and other circumstances beyond your control create holes in phone coverage.

The obvious solution is to offer a dedicated clinical intake system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and with BHR Worldwide (BHRW), you can do just that. Not only do we answer every call, but when potential patients, their loved ones, employers – even other treatment facilities – phone your center, a master’s degreed behavioral health specialist is on the other end of the line to conduct a customized clinical intake/assessment and determine the fit for your program.

Essentially it’s a decision to stop throwing money down the drain and start getting more out of every dollar spent marketing and advertising your facility. By answering every single call that you’ve worked so hard to bring to your facility, you get every admission possible, and callers get the service they so desperately desire and deserve.

When BHRW is on the other end of the line, you know every single call to your facility will be answered and handled with the utmost care. Our team of clinicians – all of whom hold at least a master’s degree in a behavioral health field – offers quality preliminary intake and clinical assessment services so that you can say goodbye to the days of unintelligible messages, dropped calls, endless ringing and just plain inadequacy in a desperate individual’s time of need. We are there for you morning, afternoon and night – or under whatever conditions (e.g., overflow calls) our services would be of help to you and your bottom line.

Intake departments handled by nurses and on-call clinicians can contribute significantly to burnout among staff. When you partner with us, though, your staff says goodbye to unexpected interruptions throughout the workday, at family dinners and in the middle of a good night’s sleep. A good work-life balance is essential to employee satisfaction, and with our help, you give your people the capacity to devote themselves fully to the jobs they were hired to do and the personal lives they so greatly depend on.

BHRW works with treatment centers of all sizes throughout the United States and Canada. We tailor our scripts, protocols and procedures to blend our service seamlessly with yours. The intake process is customizable to assist the admissions process, ensuring that no question goes unasked.

In urgent situations, callers can be referred immediately to your staff via an on-call system. Otherwise, the patient’s contact report is posted on a secure web portal that your staff can access at any time.

Partnering with BHRW means increased revenue and decrease expenses. When every call gets answered, census and call conversion ratios rise. That’s good news for business and for the people who need you.


BHRW Advantages

There are several problems that most treatment centers have with their intake system, whether it is during the day or after-hours. Here are just a few of the issues help we alleviate:

  • Sending calls to the nurses/detox station – Let your nurse staff do what they were hired to do, take care of patients. Most of the time, nurses will just tell callers to call back in the morning. That is a missed opportunity.
  • Have an answering machine answer all of your calls after-hours – There is no telling how many people call and don’t leave a message, leave a message you can’t understand or leave a message without enough information.
  • Use a non-clinical answering service – Most just take a clients name and number and tell them a staff member will call back in the morning. Once the morning comes the chase is on to see if you can ever get a hold of that person again. Most don’t understand the nuances of taking a treatment center caller. The odds of there being a misunderstanding or a call just being handled plain wrongly are much higher than with a clinical intake staff.
  • Sending staff home with cell phones – Calls are still missed because of dropped calls, bad coverage or just being on the other line. This also leads to staff burnout which can lead to not only calls not being handled effectively but staff turnover.



Or if every call is taken and your clients receive the appropriate information and direction?