Care Results

Care Results

BHR Worldwide can significantly help your callers through barrier free 24/7 access. Whether your facility provides a crisis call line, substance abuse treatment programs, or one of many other behavioral health services, if the population you are serving doesn’t have twenty four hour reliable access to your services then they might as well not be available at all.  As such, BHR Worldwide can play a crucial role in your service delivery.  With BHR as your service partner when someone calls they are assisted by a behavioral health professional, regardless of the time of day, day of the week, or how many people decided to call at the exact same time. With BHR’s private labeled service, under your Company’s name, callers get access to the services they need and deserve.

Keeping Callers Safe

How does BHR Worldwide help keep your callers safe? Life is impossible to predict. When people need critical assistance, they need the right person on the phone at the right time who can resolve the problem. Whether they just found out that a son is struggling with drug addiction, or there’s a medical emergency, or a family member is talking about suicide, access to a behavioral health professional is vital. There are many times that people urgently need to talk to someone whether late at night or during an unexpected emergency. People in crisis absolutely need a live, trained professional to pick up their call. This is exactly what BHR Worldwide does. When your callers are in their greatest time of need, BHR Worldwide makes sure there is someone there to take their call and sensitively resolve their problem.

Help When You Most Need It

When someone calls your facility, they are connected directly to a BHR Worldwide master level clinician who is experienced in dealing with a broad variety of behavioral health issues. Whether a week day, a weekend, a holiday, or in the middle of the night, professional compassionate assistance is always available through the BHR service partnership with your Company.