Business Results

What are the business advantages of partnering with BHR Worldwide? When you entered this field, your mission was to help people as much as possible. But if your business has been growing, that can become harder and harder to do. It can be very difficult to have 24/7 coverage for your phone lines? Not only is cost an issue but, staffing after-hours is a challenge and once you are staffed, keeping them can be an even bigger challenge? Here at BHR Worldwide, our clinicians not only ensure that your clients have the access they need, but we also do it in a way that can be more streamlined creates more flexibility and less anxiety from a staffing standpoint.

More staffing flexibility and lower overall cost

How much is it costing you right now to answer your phones? If you’re like many behavioral health organizations, you’ve seen quite an increase in call volume. This leaves you with having to cover more and more calls, generally with the same amount of staff. This can lead to stretching current resources and leaving you understaffed and with the staff that are working, close to burnout. Not to mention the cost associated with paying your employees for overnight coverage to answer phones. BHR Worldwide can support your staff by taking over all of the after-hours and daytime overflow calls. We can help you avoiding the staffing gaps that can be created when you task employees with answering every call, whether it be overnight or during the day when there are going to be times when there are call spikes. When you are able to remove the burden of taking every call, day or night from your staff, they can not only avoid getting burnt out but it can increase their effectiveness in their other tasks.

True, Barrier free access to your services

How can BHR create barrier free access to your facilities behavioral health services? First we have to know what barriers exist. Incoming call barriers include:

  • Peaks in call volume – it is impossible to staff for call peaks regardless of time. Using our services as an overflow guard, all calls can be answered live.
  • After-hours staffing limitations – Whether you have remote staff taking calls, problems keeping good employees for the after-hours shift or any other number of issues, staffing after-hours is rife with challenges.
  • Staff burnout – Sometimes you are forced to go back to the same well, or in this case, have the same people take calls after-hours or be on call. If it is an on-call situation, even if they don’t get a call, there is still a lot of anxiety in wondering when a call is going to come. This can lead to staff burnout and having to replace good people.

Assessment barriers include:

  • Peaks in assessment volume – Some months are just busier than others. It is easy to get behind. Once this happens many times a wait list is created and by the time a person is able to be seen, they have lost interested in obtaining services. Other times, they just get lost in the system and never get a call back or are just difficult to get in touch with again.
  • No show rates – Many times it just comes down to people not showing up to complete their assessments. We have been able to help reduce no show rates dramatically.
  • Long turnaround times – Sometimes assessments can be filled out but case documentation and summaries take even more time after the assessment is completed. Sometimes these will just sit and then it takes even more time to bill for the assessment and to get the client into treatment.

BHR Worldwide: The Way Forward for High-Quality Care

At BHR Worldwide, we want to support you, your staff and your clients. By providing the highest quality of care at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we help you provide services to more people at any time. This allows for expanded services and increased revenue.