technologyMaking IT work for you – CallPRO

BHRW’s technology is designed to provide account-specific information and tools to our agents so they can focus on the caller, not on navigating through a maze of screens or intake forms. CallPRO, our proprietary information system, puts it all on one screen. CallPRO is tightly integrated with our phone system enabling us to have your custom solution waiting even before we pick up the phone.

We start by greeting the caller just the way you want. We don’t need to “look up” your account – CallPRO already knows the call is coming in on your dedicated phone line(s) and provides the agent with your custom greeting on a “pop-up” screen.

CallPRO ensures that we only collect the information you want. Our agents don’t have to search for the right form or questions. You tell us ahead of time what information you want to collect for different kinds of calls – intakes, assessments, informational calls, etc. As soon as the agent determines the kind of call, the questions automatically populate. Special instructions or specific narration can be added to any question.

We imbed your procedures, your resources and alerts on the same screen that we enter data. These tools and resources automatically change if needed depending on the caller or the type of call being handled or the caller. No need to look it up. A client alert, for example, automatically appears only when we’re talking to that client.

Any Way You Want It

SMS/Texting, Web Chat and Video using CommunicatePRO and eClinician
BHRW understands that phones are used for more than talking and continues to add ways for your “callers” to reach us. BHRW developed CommunicatePRO to provide a single platform to handle new channels of communication starting with SMS/texting and webchat. We can provide a custom SMS/texting “keyword” or web chat URL that reach the same agents taking calls. Once the texting or chat session ends the entire conversation becomes another “call” documented in CallPRO.   With our e-Clinician service we now also offer video intake services from workspaces specially designed for visual privacy.

Answering Calls Right Away

An Advanced Phone System
BHRW utilizes a powerful phone system and infrastructure to get callers to a live agent right away, not on hold or navigating through a maze of voice prompts. By constantly feeding call data from our phone system to our workforce management system, we are able to predict and adjust staffing needs. In addition, live monitoring tools give us real-time information so we can quickly respond to unexpected changes in call volume. Advanced call routing, overflow capacity, business continuity routing, and redundancies ensure that we have the ability to keep taking your calls 24/7/365. As a result BHRW answers its calls, on average, in less than 2 rings (12 seconds) and answers 95% of all calls within 30 seconds.

The BHR Portal

Giving you the information as soon as we get it
When we take a call we don’t think you should have to wait until tomorrow morning or even later today to find out about it. The BHR Portal provides near real-time reporting for every call we document and daily summaries.

Within a few minutes of documenting a call a Contact Report – containing the case details and information we’ve collected (an intake, say) – appears in the BHR Portal. Every morning you’ll also get an Activity Report summarizing the documented calls from the previous 24 hours. Only you, and those you authorize, can set up and access the account. Is there someone who should only see cases from a certain division or region? We can do that too.   Every time a report is posted to the portal you’ll get an email notification. Unless you don’t want to – you control notifications.