securityYour data is safe and secure at BHR Worldwide.

We follow the highest security standards and best practices.

We make sure your information stays safe. Our BHR Portal data resides in a 20,000 square-foot data center that is SOC2 Certified – Type II Compliant. We keep private and PHI portal data encrypted at rest and in transit.

We make sure your information and access to it is secure. BHRW uses layers of both physical and electronic controls. This ensures that only authorized staff can access our office, our call center, our applications, your account, and your calls. Only individuals you authorize can access the reports posted on our report portal.

Physical Security:

Our offices are closed to the public and doors are equipped with proximity security badge locks. Locks are not only located at points of entry, but also at other restricted areas such as our call center. Each lock has separate access privileges meaning staff can enter those areas they are authorized for.

Access Controls:

BHR employs multiple layers of electronic access controls each requiring authentication and each limiting access to only what is necessary.

You Control Access to the BHR Portal:

Only you, and those you authorize can access the BHR Portal to view reports in near real time. A two-tier validation helps ensure that only approved users can view private data. Users set up and maintain their own user account in the Portal. However, the account must be verified against our internal information system, CallPRO.