qualityimageBHR WORLDWIDE understands that each client interaction is the most important thing to the person we’re helping.

BHR WORLDWIDE uses both internal and external processes to ensure the highest quality for each and every call.  Our internal CQI (continuous quality improvement) process incorporates perpetual monitoring and reviews combined with feedback – both critical and complimentary – from both callers and accounts to ensure we are providing the highest levels service in a compassionate, caring, and professional manner.  We also validate our excellence by seeking accreditation, compliance and partnerships that provide an external, impartial perspective.

qualityclocksWe know it works by the results

Performance at BHR WORLDWIDE How do we know if what we do is working? We measure it!  We meet or exceed industry-leading performance indicators on our efficiency and effectiveness such as:

  • Service Factor – 95% of calls answered in 30 seconds or less
  • Speed to Answer – Calls answered on average in 15 seconds or less
  • Low Abandonment Rate– Less than 5% of calls abandon
  • Prompt Reporting – Reports sent within 2 hours of end of call

We don’t just do calls 24/7/365

Continuous Quality Improvement BHR WORLDWIDE takes quality seriously.  We combine rigorous internal monitoring and reviews with external feedback to make sure we are always doing our best for you.

Internal Reviews:

BHR WORLDWIDE has developed a unique scoring and review process specifically to address the unique combination of call center and clinical skills needed to provide excellent service on each call.  Clinical managers, team leads, program coordinators and trainers all take part in reviewing the work of clinicians making sure that agents receive regular feedback from a variety of perspectives.   Of course, BHR WORLDWIDE reviews a portion of call documentation and live or recorded calls each month.  However, we regularly increase our reviews when needed – whether in response to a concern or to simply ensure a smooth implementation of, say, a significant change in protocol for your account.

External Feedback:

BHR WORLDWIDE wants to hear about how we’re doing.  While we are perpetually reviewing our own performance, your feedback is essential.  We encourage clients to reach out to our quality staff with any feedback.  Whether complaints or kudos – we want to hear about it.  We investigate specific concerns and perform a full review of the call(s) in question and get back to you with what we’ve found within 2 business days – or even the same day.  We work with clients to find the best solution – maybe we need add a few questions to our intake or change a protocol followed by some more intense monitoring and internal reviews.  BHR WORLDWIDE also performs annual surveys of both our accounts and our employees as another touchstone.  If needed, we can even survey the callers themselves.

Here is what some of our clients have to say:

We are a high volume mental health clinic in Alaska, with a great need and no room for growth. Due to new federal and state regulations we were finding it almost impossible to keep up with the demands of just getting people in the door and getting the mandatory paperwork completed. BHRW has allowed us to get back to the business of helping people by very effectively and efficiently taking over our intake process and initial evaluations and the accompanying paperwork. Now our clinicians are spending more time working with our clients instead of spending half of their time doing paperwork. BHRW has been a great benefit for us.
Scott, Clinical Manager at an Alaska health consortium
The Staff at BHR Worldwide are amazing! They always respond quickly, are super friendly and make our jobs so much easier!
Michelle, Clinical Manager at BHC West Hospital

Achieving Excellence

Accreditation and Compliance at BHR WORLDWIDE Quality at BHR WORLDWIDE doesn’t stop with feedback.  We pursue additional external means and measures to distinguish ourselves.  BHR WORLDWIDE seeks out accreditation, compliance and partnerships to verify and validate our excellence.

CARF Accreditation:

Since 1999, BHR WORLDWIDE has enjoyed the value of international accreditation through CARF International (www.carf.org) for its behavioral health and child and adolescent services.  The accreditation process involves an on-site review of BHR Worldwide policies and practices as well as individual interviews with key staff to ensure compliance with CARF quality standards.

AAS (American Association of Suicidology) Accreditation:

Since 2002 BHR WORLDWIDE has maintained accreditation with AAS (www.suicidology.org ).  AAS accreditation validates that BHR WORLDWIDE is delivering service according to nationally recognized standards.  Programs with AAS accreditation have access to criteria for systematic, ongoing, self-evaluation.  BHR WORLDWIDE has presented


BHR WORLDWIDE is certified in California and approved by the Telephone Medical Advice Services Bureau allowing us to provide telephone medical advice to patients in that state.

HIPAA Compliance:

BHR WORLDWIDE is a HIPAA-compliant organization and employs various rules, policies and procedures to ensure ongoing adherence.   In addition, BHR WORLDWIDE has a confidential and anonymous corporate compliance line for staff to use to communicate  suggestions and ideas as well as ethical issues, irregularities or concerns.

Safe Harbor Certification:

BHR WORLDWIDE also maintains Safe Harbor certification for our international clients to show that personal data collected from callers outside the United States will be kept safe and secure.


BHR WORLDWIDE is prepared to meet your audit requirements.   BHR WORLDWIDE will work with you to answer any questions or respond to audit materials at your request.


BHR WORLDWIDE is involved with other groups to engage in ongoing learning and best practices in quality improvement processes.  Groups include:  BHR Quality and Standards Committee, Regional Collaboration of QM professionals, SLOEN, St. Louis Outcome and Evaluation Network and The Society of Compliance and Ethics.