3 Philosophy to Improve Your Customer Service

Every business has a philosophy guiding their customer service, whether they know it or not. It’s important to know what yours is so that you can maximize it and provide better treatment for your customers. 

Check out these three philosophies that will help you take the customer service of your business to the next level:

3 Philosophy to Improve Your Customer Service1. Concentrate on the “How,” not just the “What”

The way a customer experiences a business is based on many factors, including both the organization’s actual performance and the emotions the customer feels while receiving service. Whether it’s conscious or subconscious, customers will end up having an overall better experience with your business based more on how they are treated than the actual value of the services rendered. For instance, how many times a phone rings before the operator picks up can greatly affect the caller’s attitude during the call. 

2. Customer Service defines the value of your business

The best way to gain a competitive edge in today’s customer-driven economy is by maximizing customer service. People will remember good service, and will keep coming back for more. Some companies, such as the Ritz-Carleton, have created a customer service philosophy that is nearly legendary in business circles.

3. Emotions of the customer are more than half of the overall experience

Businesses frequently spend too much effort on the details of operation and services, and not enough energy on ensuring a uniquely positive experience for their customers. Don’t fall for the myth that if your product is great,  customers will appreciate it.

Customers can find great products anywhere if they look long enough. Don’t let them look anywhere beyond your business. Keep your customers coming back by treating them well, with friendly and considerate service. A business that puts customer emotions first is a business that will succeed and flourish—even in a slow economy.